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Vision & Action Plan

My vision for our district and our islands is to see our people flourish. Our community’s success is built on strong families, caring neighbors, safe neighborhoods, quality education, diligence, respect and freedom to pursue our dreams. Our keiki are truly our future and need to be protected, nourished and guided so that they can thrive. Our kupuna have diligently provided and sacrificed to give us all that we have today; they deserve to be cherished and supported.  I will advocate to ensure that District 10 is advancing towards these positive outcomes. Here are my ideas to help solve the following issues. I will do my best to accomplish these things. 

Buying Milk
Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys

Lower Cost of Living

  1. Join with other legislators in advocating for amending the Jones Act

  2. Lower taxes - conduct forensic audits on selected departments and reduce spending accordingly 

  3. Streamline government by reducing bureaucracy and making services more efficient 

Secure Parental Rights

  1. Support an elected school board

  2. Give parents opportunities to review curriculum and educational materials with options to opt in/out of certain classes

  3. Work with parents and teachers to secure the support services they need for special- needs children

Protect Constitutional Rights

  1. Uphold all rights protected in the federal and state constitutions

  2. Promote civics education for high-school students

  3. Inform the public about their rights via town halls and forums


Support Local Business

  1. Provide tax incentives for local businesses

  2. Remove outdated regulations that unnecessarily hamper businesses

  3. Promote new and emerging industries such as agriculture and creative media 

Promote Hawaiian Culture

  1. Promote bi-lingual signage in Hawaiian and English

  2. Increase support for Hawaiian language/culture lessons in schools

  3. Join with organizations to encourage people to "Mālama ʻĀina" and care for our precious natural resources

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